Forget about business hours and post on Sundays

I bet you don’t post content on LinkedIn on Sundays, do you. But chances are, you sometimes if not often, peruse LinkedIn and consume content on Sundays. Am I right? The common and popular advice about LinkedIn Updates is to post them on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and definitely avoid weekends. But why do you want to be like everyone else? And what makes the … Continue reading Forget about business hours and post on Sundays

Beware the mind-controlling algorithm

Beware the mind-controlling algorithm. When it comes to professional growth and development, allow me to urge you not to depend solely on algorithms developed by your favorite social media platforms of choice. Even if these algorithms are rooted in your previous behavior and seemingly provide you with an acceptable amount of content that piques your interest, and keeps you adequately informed, I find it dangerous. … Continue reading Beware the mind-controlling algorithm