What if you don’t want to do virtual events?

There is never a single way to solve a problem. There are obvious ways. There are easy ways. There are ways that everyone else adopts in short order, making it seem as if it’s both: obvious and easy. And then there are new ways. The definition of the word new as an adjective is this: “not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now … Continue reading What if you don’t want to do virtual events?

Drive, vision and execution

It’s great to be driven. Drive is a quality I seek in others. It may be because I’m very driven myself and thrive on the energy that develops when I come across someone similar, or maybe it’s due to my bias for action. Seeing it in someone else draws me to them. I’ve even tried to infuse it in others for whom it wasn’t necessarily … Continue reading Drive, vision and execution

How I’m staying the course

I had big plans of opening my podcast studio this month. And guess what? I’m still doing it. In fact, I moved the equipment into the newly minted Triangle Podcast Studio earlier this week. Will things come together the way I planned? Probably not. But they could still come together the way I hoped via an entirely different path, and I am good with that. … Continue reading How I’m staying the course