To enlighten and drive change in Corporate America

Over the past two weeks I’ve felt compelled to speak out about racial inequality, particularly in the workplace, and share my thoughts and experiences in a way I haven’t publicly in the past, which is moving people to action. The calls, text messages and  emails I’ve received have made it clear to me there’s another area of which I must get involved, further share my … Continue reading To enlighten and drive change in Corporate America

Be courageous, be bold and adopt a bias for action

As told to WRAL TechWire and outlined in this piece they published sharing my thoughts, I am encouraging courageous acts far beyond lip service. Here are the answers I provided to the questions posed: What is your view on the ground here in the Triangle?  My view is the same no matter where I am in America. It does not change. I have friends and … Continue reading Be courageous, be bold and adopt a bias for action

You’ve issued a public statement, now look inward

It’s time to do the real work. Now that the post on social media supporting the Black community, Black Lives Matter movement, acknowledging that you stand with employees and denigrate racism at all costs has gotten ample recognition, many companies who strategized on how they’d present the message and did so successfully, must now look at themselves with a critical eye. Your message told the … Continue reading You’ve issued a public statement, now look inward

Don’t stop networking

If you depend on a robust network and continuing to grow it so you can make strong connections and help others do the same, don’t stop networking. It is an absolute must you continue to meet new people and expand your sphere of influence, so keep meeting people. I met 15 new people at the Raleigh Chamber‘s Virtual Business hours at the beginning of the … Continue reading Don’t stop networking

Should you be seeking permission before posting Zoom meetings on social media?

Everyone’s doing it. Posting images of their various Zoom conferences, happy hours, team meetings and other virtual events on social media, particularly LinkedIn. I am personally getting tired of seeing so many, but I don’t judge how others use social media. I can just scroll past the items that don’t interest me. I’m also keen on using the tools provided, whether it’s muting content, unfollowing … Continue reading Should you be seeking permission before posting Zoom meetings on social media?

Combating the sea of sameness

Do you ever tire of reading through comments connected to user-generated content with no counterpoints, different opinions, other ideas to consider or anything remotely contrarian? I do. And it looks like LinkedIn may be as well and would like to see a bit of variety in the comments based on it’s new prompts. Today I noticed a slew of of new automated “starter responses” above … Continue reading Combating the sea of sameness

Give people something to ‘consider’

If you think you have the answer on how others should act, what they should say or do, or how they should conduct their business, I suggest presenting it as a consideration. A consideration is much more palatable than a directive. It’s softer, seemingly helpful and can actually put what you’re suggesting into the considered set. I saw a post today telling readers to use … Continue reading Give people something to ‘consider’

Make your pitches relevant

This was originally posted on LinkedIn. I am moving my random thoughts and ideas back to an *owned* channel. However, feel free to connect with me there. One of the things I disliked most as an assignment editor during my 16-year news career was irrelevant pitches with no news value and that did not present a story or an angle that contributed to what could … Continue reading Make your pitches relevant

Let your mission be your guide

Now is the time to be who you are. Here’s how you can do just that. Lean on your mission and the purpose of your brand to guide your communications right now. Don’t try to be anyone else by copying their methods or becoming something you’re not. Use this time to be the most curious, creative, problem-solving innovator you can be. I promise you this: … Continue reading Let your mission be your guide

The responsibility of trust

When you are trusted and even sought out to create, become or enhance the voice of a brand and engage their communities via social media to help meet business goals, it is definitely an honor, but it’s more so a huge responsibility. When I look at the five brands I actively work within this capacity, right now – I’m grateful for their trust and the … Continue reading The responsibility of trust