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Guest-blogging is still a thing and it’s an honor to be asked

I’m in the midst of writing a three-part guest blog series in collaboration with ArchiveSocial, and I have to tell you, I couldn’t be happier. I have so enjoyed crafting posts related to social media, digging up anecdotes from the trenches and sharing information rooted deeply in my experience that I know can still help people today. It’s given me an opportunity to reflect, think … Continue reading Guest-blogging is still a thing and it’s an honor to be asked

Bet on yourself

I had a wonderful time on this panel yesterday with Shafeeqa Watkins Giarratani, Michelle Keaton-Barrow and our moderator extraordinaire, Kiernan Prechtl-Schindler. The Carolina Golf Classic Virtual Executive Women’s Day was spirited, inspiring, and full of tangible takeaways for all who participated. It was the best two hours of my day, hands-down. Thanks for the opportunity, Blue Cross NC and Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). It’s … Continue reading Bet on yourself

The truth about resilience

I’ve had to make some tough decisions this week. Actually, I made them over the weekend, and had to act on them this week. I was not looking forward to the week because I knew what was ahead – but now it’s Friday. I followed through on it all. Every conversation, every act. None of it was easy. One change was particularly tough. I did … Continue reading The truth about resilience

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