What if you don’t want to do virtual events?

There is never a single way to solve a problem. There are obvious ways. There are easy ways. There are ways that everyone else adopts in short order, making it seem as if it’s both: obvious and easy. And then there are new ways. The definition of the word new as an adjective is this: “not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now … Continue reading What if you don’t want to do virtual events?

Drive, vision and execution

It’s great to be driven. Drive is a quality I seek in others. It may be because I’m very driven myself and thrive on the energy that develops when I come across someone similar, or maybe it’s due to my bias for action. Seeing it in someone else draws me to them. I’ve even tried to infuse it in others for whom it wasn’t necessarily … Continue reading Drive, vision and execution

A message to abusers of the Paycheck Protection Program

The abuse of the Paycheck Protection Program by companies who don’t need it is egregious! It is keeping small businesses that really need it from accessing the funds to keep paying staff and stay afloat during this time. Don’t forget, all of your names will become public record and I can’t wait to see reporters and journalists expose companies that did not need this money, … Continue reading A message to abusers of the Paycheck Protection Program

This is no time to devalue yourself

This is not the time to devalue yourself. Things are happening that are out of your control. People are making decisions that affect you big, and your ability to change that particular piece is limited. In many cases, it’s nonexistent. That can be scary. It can usher in panic and fear. But, the answer to panic and fear driven by the decisions of others, of … Continue reading This is no time to devalue yourself

How I’m staying the course

I had big plans of opening my podcast studio this month. And guess what? I’m still doing it. In fact, I moved the equipment into the newly minted Triangle Podcast Studio earlier this week. Will things come together the way I planned? Probably not. But they could still come together the way I hoped via an entirely different path, and I am good with that. … Continue reading How I’m staying the course

Combating the sea of sameness

Do you ever tire of reading through comments connected to user-generated content with no counterpoints, different opinions, other ideas to consider or anything remotely contrarian? I do. And it looks like LinkedIn may be as well and would like to see a bit of variety in the comments based on it’s new prompts. Today I noticed a slew of of new automated “starter responses” above … Continue reading Combating the sea of sameness

Give people something to ‘consider’

If you think you have the answer on how others should act, what they should say or do, or how they should conduct their business, I suggest presenting it as a consideration. A consideration is much more palatable than a directive. It’s softer, seemingly helpful and can actually put what you’re suggesting into the considered set. I saw a post today telling readers to use … Continue reading Give people something to ‘consider’

The power of a pivot

Now is the time to act. If your plans have been altered, make new ones. Look inward. Brainstorm. There’s a lot of information out there, and what you consume is your choice. Don’t pay attention only to what the experts in your industry are advising. Look to others. Problems can be industry-specific, but the solution doesn’t have to be. And the solutions that aren’t tied … Continue reading The power of a pivot

Make your pitches relevant

This was originally posted on LinkedIn. I am moving my random thoughts and ideas back to an *owned* channel. However, feel free to connect with me there. One of the things I disliked most as an assignment editor during my 16-year news career was irrelevant pitches with no news value and that did not present a story or an angle that contributed to what could … Continue reading Make your pitches relevant