Now Look Inward – The Podcast

“It was always: ‘You’re just not ready.’”

Those are some of the powerful words shared by an HR professional I interviewed for the first episode of my new podcast, “Now Look Inward.” It’s a short discussion but the information is valuable and unveils a truth many of us know very well. I allowed her to remain anonymous, so as not to jeopardize any future job opportunities or fallout from speaking her truth.

I created this podcast as a challenge to Corporate America to sweep around its own front door, get its house in order, make black voices matter throughout the organization, raise consciousness and practice what it preaches. It started with one blog post: “You’ve issued a public statement, now what,” and a news feature where I called for courageous acts, which compelled me to stay on the path of using my voice and ability to speak up when it’s difficult or maybe even risky, make other voices heard and educate along the way.

Here are a few highlights from the interview, which you can listen to on Spotify and Podbean, and all other platforms in another day or so. (This really is new and approvals are still pending on Apple Podcasts and Pandora, for instance…)

  • “You begin to start thinking more about the employee and telling them that truly this might not be the right place for them to work.”
  • “You start worrying about the career of that employee and you distance yourself from the company because you don’t feel comfortable with the company anymore. You can’t trust them.” 
  • “Employees felt like they weren’t promoted as they should be or they’d done the work and the work wasn’t recognized.” 

I hope you’ll give it a listen and consider subscribing. And if you have any comments or would like to be involved in some way, send me an email at

A Second Look at Employee Surveys and a Critical Eye on People Managers Now Look Inward (with Angela Connor)

Employee satisfaction and opinion surveys are a great place to start for companies really seeking to understand the experiences of employees, particularly minorities. Often overlooked, ignored or written off as diatribes from disgruntled employees, these surveys may hold a treasure trove of data and personal anecdotes outlining issues – some of which go back many years – that reflect company culture. In this solocast, Angela discusses the value of reviewing the data and shares another helpful tip for making real change and ensuring that black voices matter in your organization. Want to reach Angela? Send an email to 
  1. A Second Look at Employee Surveys and a Critical Eye on People Managers
  2. What Makes Me So Relevant Now? Discussing Race in the Workplace
  3. How the “Angry Black Woman” Stereotype Can Play Out in the Workplace
  4. Bonus Episode: 'The Microagression I Just Can't Seem to Shake'
  5. They Would Give Up and Leave or Give Up and Stay

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